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BANJALUKA, September 11 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said Wednesday in Banjaluka that measures related to demographic development and population policy in Republika Srpska must be part of legal solutions in order to be implemented strictly.


After the meeting where the scientific study "Demographic Development and Population Policy of Republika Srpska - Situation Analysis and Proposed Measures" was presented, Dodik told the press that the Republika Srpska institutions have so far implemented a number of measures aimed at improving the situation in the field of demographic policy.

He stated that in the forthcoming period, it was planned to have free preschool education in cooperation with local communities.

Dodik believes that Republika Srpska and Serbia must work together to identify measures in the firlds of demographic development and population policy.

"We have worked with Serbia on creating a Fund that encouraged young entrepreneurs up to 35 years of age who could get BAM 50,000 and we will continue to do so. We need to give general social and political support to this issue, which will be one of the topics of the SNSD Main Board’s meeting." said Dodik, who is also the SNSD leader.

According to him, the aim of this study is to approach the problem of birth rates in a comprehensive way and to systematize all measures of pro-natalist policy.

"We need to take this issue much more seriously, while the study must be one of the most important documents in our society. Loan support for married couples will be part of the measures, which means that each newly married couple will receive some funding from the local community and some from the Srpska institutions. A portion of the loan would be written off after the birth of a child, and it would be written off entirely if three children were born," Dodik specified.

He noted that it is necessary to determine the total number of preschool children in order to find funding for free education.

"This is a measure that could be implemented over the next three to four years, in cooperation with local communities and companies," Dodik said.

The research-scientific study "Demographic Development and Population Policy of Republika Srpska - Situation Analysis and Proposed Measures" was developed by an expert team led by Draško Marinković at the initiative of Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović.

Apart from Dodik, the meeting was attended by Cvijanović, Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković, ministers - the members of the Demographic Reconstruction Council, and expert team members.

The study presents an overview of the situation in the field of demographic policy in Srpska, as well as a proposal of general measures for improving the situation in this field, which should be the subject of implementation of the Republika Srpska competent institutions.

Members of the expert team are the most prominent experts in the field of demography, reproductive health and social welfare Branislav Đurđev, Mirjana Rašević, Mirjana Bobić, Milimir Mučibabić and sociologist Jovanka Vuković. /end/vos