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SARAJEVO, September 24 /SRNA/ - It is increasingly more clear why so much procrastination to form the authorities in BiH, but it is not clear until when this shame directed by Bosniak parties will last, Deputy Speaker of the BiH House of Peoples Nikola Špirić said on Tuesday.


“It is increasingly more clear that they are waiting for some Dayton 2, some new constitutional organization as imagined by the SDA, in keeping with its recently adopted Declaration. The SDP also is announcing that it will come out with a new proposal for a BiH Constitution, and they are also returning the ‘April package’ which FBiH parties rejected. They forgot that Aprils are not that which they used to be. The question is how they think to implement their unitary goals without Serbs’ votes,” said Špirić, who is also the SNSD vice-president.

He says that by rejecting to form the authorities, ‘political Sarajevo’ is developing a scenario aimed at having the international factors say that BiH, with such constitutional organization, is unsustainable and unacceptable in the European integration process.

“Even more dangerous for BiH are drafts of a new polity that are being made with a wholehearted help of those who are now sitting in the BiH Council of Ministers and couldn’t care less for Republika Srpska,” Špirić said. /end/sg