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BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 10 /SRNA/ - Head of the PDP Caucus in the Republika Srpska National Assembly Perica Bundalo believes that the authorities in Srpska, that is, BiH, will launch an initiative to widen the “Small Schengen” zone which would additionally improve relations with Serbia.


Bundalo has said that such an agreement or a declaration would additionally improve relations between Srpska/BiH and Serbia since a greater trust would be created, the flow of people and goods would increase, and the lives of citizens would be made easier.

“Such declaration would put aside hot topics that burden the area,” Bundalo told SRNA.

He has stressed that he supports every form of regulation of mutual relations in the Balkans, such as the “Small Schengen” between Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia.

Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia adopted today in Novi Sad a declaration, that is, the “Small Schengen," stipulating a free flow of people, capital, services and goods.” /end/sg