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BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 23 /SRNA/ - DNS leader Marko Pavić stated that the SNSD and DNS took a stance at their meeting in Banjaluka on Wednesday that the two parties ought to strengthen and deepen their relations further.


"Both parties have expressed the resolve to keep working and strengthening all elements that build Srpska and its position in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Pavić.

He pointed out that the meeting of the DNS and SNSD leadership was held in the spirit of tolerance and understanding, and that the conversation was constructive with the aim of demystifying and resolving many problems that were burdening their relationship.

Pavić said it was disputable whether those problems were so important that they should burden the relationship.

"We told each other many things and made proposals for improving the life in Republika Srpska, the work of the parliament in Srpska and operations at the BiH level. We made a conclusion that everything should be summarised and agreed to have a meeting next week with the same people again, and present those conclusions to the public,” Pavić stated at a press conference after the meeting.

According to him, many conclusions were made during the meeting and that they decided to summarise everything they had agreed and identified as problems.

"It would be too early to make those conclusions public today. We have raised many issues and it wasn’t possible to summarise them all and present to you on such a short notice,” emphasised Pavić.

The meeting which was held on the premises of the DNS Main Board was attended, on behalf of the SNSD, by the party leader Milorad Dodik, vice-presidents Radovan Višković, Željka Cvijanović, Nebojša Radmanović and Igor Radojičić, and secretary general Luka Petrović.

The DNS delegation included the party leader Marko Pavić, vice-presidents Darko Banjac, Ognjen Tadić and Nenad Nešić, and secretary general Dragutin Rodić. /end/dš