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DRVAR, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik stated Tuesday in Drvar that Republika Srpska will initiate the formation of a fund for raising money for lawsuits against high representatives who violated the Constitution and Dayton Peace Accords while in office.


"The only thing left to do is to sue them in their own countries because Srpska does not have the capacity to launch disputes before international courts. However, we can sue them as natural persons,” Dodik told the press commenting on the results of a special session of the National Assembly held on Monday night, where the Information on Unconstitutional Transformation of the Dayton Structure of BiH and Influence on the Position and Rights of Republika Srpska, as well as 20 conclusions proposed by the ruling majority were adopted.

Dodik stated that during the session, the parliament cited the persistent violation of the Dayton Agreement and rejected the unconstitutional Bonn powers that were used by high representatives in BiH and thus influenced the political system in the country.

"We demand to speak to the Federation of BiH and other constituent peoples to see how to react to the violation of the Constitution and Dayton Agreement. Once, our opposition to the said powers was blasphemy, but now, conditions have been created that we can clearly say we cannot live with deceit, imposition of laws, violations of the Constitution and international law and tricks of the high representative,” asserted Dodik.

He pointed out that the former high representative Paddy Ashdown, who passed away, had caused much damage in that regard.

"The consequences of his actions must be removed because we cannot give it legitimacy, which was one of the main ideas of the special session of the parliament,” said Dodik.

He voiced regret that the opposition did not take part in the final creation of the special session conclusions, even though they had been offered to.

"It is appalling that the SDS did not support the decision reading that the National Assembly orders the Government to pass a law and rehabilitate all victims of the counter-constitutional behaviour of high representatives in BiH. I am saying this bearing in mind that the majority of such victims, who were punished without a motive and who lost their jobs, came from that party,” said Dodik, who is the leader of the SNSD.

He asserted that important conclusions were made at the special session and once again called on the opposition in Srpska to joint action.

"It is not our weakness. I believe that the opposition in Srpska is necessary, but that when it comes to joint action at the BiH level, there should be no ruling parties or opposition. We believe that such unity is a historical need, and that the same thing in needed in the Federation of BiH,” Dodik explained.

He said he had listened to behind-the-scenes stories that were orchestrated by the international community, that the opposition should not support the conclusions from the special session so that it could be said it was not a common stance.

"However, the vast majority in the parliament did vote in favour of the conclusions,” said Dodik.

He reiterated that the fact that the SDS, PDP and SDA did not vote for the conclusions was a sign of their joint action.

"I repeat, the strategic and tactical mistake by the SDS and PDP is that they did not discuss on Monday in the parliament about the National Assembly evaluating the work of the high representative. By shouting in the parliament, they wish to conceal their basic stance - that they have nothing against what the high representative did,” said Dodik.

He stated that the Assembly wanted to send a message at its special session that it was unacceptable for someone to ban a party from Srpska and declare it terrorist, like attempts were previously made against the SDS.

"I personally rejected such intentions in Washington, because I don’t want them to ascribe to Serbs having an organisation with terrorist potential,” said Dodik.

He said the SNSD had believed, during the time of growing up politically, that the most important thing was to have peace and stabilise Srpska.

"We had trust in some external initiatives until we realised they were prejudicial and detrimental to Serbs, so we defined our policies in a completely different manner. It was expected of the others too and there should not be many differences between us in that regard, even though they could be seen during the special session,” Dodik said.

He stated that previous remarks by certain opposition ministers in the Council of Ministers that Srpska had para-military troops had incurred great damage to Srpska.

"That’s how they protected Srpska," Dodik said and added that the same ministers had said the SNSD was generating a war in BiH, thus justifying the SDA and others for something like that.

"There is no war, there is no possibility for a conflict. There won’t be any conflict, but Srpska has the ability and does not want to lose it in terms of confronting any kind of usurpation of its territory or rights,” stated Dodik.

Srpska politically fought for years to establish the mechanism of coordination and responsibility in BiH in accordance with constitutional competences, he said.

"And then the PDP’s Igor Crnadak, and those ministers in the Council of Ministers, Šarović and others, approved, in a session held over the telephone, the mechanism which was written by Bosniaks whose goal is to usurp and centralise functions,” said Dodik and pointed out that Srpska prevented such a thing in a timely manner in the sense that a coordination mechanism that suited Republika Srpska was established. /end/dš