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SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - Head of the SNSD Caucus in the BiH House of Representatives Staša Košarac said that neither caretaker Chairman of the Council of Ministers nor the Council of Ministers have the constitutional legitimacy to define BiH’s foreign policy.


“The BiH Constitution clearly and precisely says that the Presidency defines BiH’s foreign policy,” Košarac told reporters commenting on Zvizdić’s statement that it is very hard to speak about the Mini Schengen and that BiH is not ready to take part in any initiative or agreement, as it would have “negative impact on BiH’s path to the EU.”

Stressing that Zvizdić exceeded the bounds of the BiH Constitution, Košarac has concluded that thanks to the SDS and the PDP, there was no proper opposition in the past few years to politics of Denis Zvizdić in the Council of Ministers.

“For such a subservient attitude of the SDS and PDP towards Zvizdić’s and SDA’s politics, we are in a situation today that Denis Zvizdić can speak as the chairman of the Council of Ministers and as the speaker of the House of Representatives,” Košarac said.

When it comes to a statement from SDS president Mirko Šarović that Republika Srpska National Assembly’s conclusions “are not fit for the purpose,” namely, that they are not the result of joint work of all members of the Republika Srpska National Assembly, Košarac expressed regret over the fact that there is a politician in Srpska with such an attitude towards its institutions.

“I regret that there is a politician in Republika Srpska who has such an attitude towards the will of the people of Srpska. The National Assembly is the will of the people of Srpska,” said Košarac.

He has said that this shows that the politics of the SDS, Šarović and some others is directed towards derogating from Republika Srpska institutions and Srpska’s constitutional capacity.

“He said it very clearly, confirming treacherous policy and subservient policy towards the FBiH political structures,” said Košarac, noting that the National Assembly adopted conclusions, which are in the interest of citizens and Republika Srpska, in keeping with the Constitution, laws, and Rules of Procedure.

According to him, such assessments do not reach far and primarily speak of Šarović’s need to ingratiate himself with those who elected him in 2014 to power and who are maintaining him in the political life even today, and they are primarily a part of the International Community and Bakir Izetbegović.

The Head of the SNSD Caucus in the BiH House of Representatives has said that announcements from the SDS that a special session of the House of Representatives in connection with their initiative to amend Rules of Procedure could be held at the end of November, shows that the actions of the SDS and the SDA are synchronized.

“Zvizdić will be absent as he goes to the US and it is obvious that date is sought so that the SDS and the PDP could file a request for a special session the moment he lands at Sarajevo Airport. I think this is a confirmation that everything regarding Rules of Procedure is the activity designed by the SDA, and that the SDS and the PDP are performers of works,” concluded Košarac.

He has said that the Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted a conclusion and called on all representatives from Srpska not to take part in amending Rules of Procedure of any institution before a wide debate is conducted in Republika Srpska institutions.

Stressing that Republika Srpska National Assembly’s conclusions are mandatory for all representatives from Republika Srpska, Košarac has said that the SDS and the PDP are ignoring these positions.

“The only realistic thing is for the SDS and the PDP to withdraw their proposal for amending Rules of Procedure,” concluded the Head of the SNSD Caucus in the BiH House of Representatives. /end/sg