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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 13 /SRNA/ - Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska Milan Petković asserts that BiH is internationally recognised but that no one can say that the entities do not have certain rights guaranteed by the constitution or their sovereignty.


"As a politician and law professional, I consider the interpretation of the Dayton Peace Agreement by the National Assembly as Republika Srpska’s highest legislative authority much more relevant than that by certain ambassadors or politicians in the international community,” Petković told Srna.

Commenting on a stance by ambassadors of the Peace Implementation Council /PIC/ Steering Board member that conclusions adopted at a special session of the National Assembly on the Information on Counter-constitutional Transformation of the Dayton Structure of BiH and Influence on the Position and Rights of Serbs are based on an erroneous interpretation of the Dayton Peace Agreement, Petković stated that Republika Srpska would not have adopted such conclusions had it not had sovereignty.

The ambassadors of the PIC Steering Board consider the conclusions of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska based on an erroneous interpretation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and that is why they reject it.

The ambassadors claim in their statement, which Russia does not agree with, that BiH enjoys sovereignty and the BiH Constitution does not leave any room for any “sovereignty” of the entities, which only exist legally by virtue of the BiH Constitution, and that this has been affirmed by the BiH Constitutional Court on many occasions.

The PIC Steering Board states that BiH was recognised as a sovereign country in 1992 and transformed with the signature of the DPA “into a State consisting of two entities” and that the Srpska National Assembly’s Conclusions contradict these facts, according to the ambassadors. /end/dš