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BELGRADE, NOVEMBER 13 /SRNA/ - Chairman of the Serbian parliamentary committee on diaspora and Serbs in the region Miodrag Linta has stated the military neutrality of Republika Srpska is the will of its people, expressed through a declaration by politicians.


He has regretted the political unity of all parties in the Srpska Parliament not being achieved when adopting the information on unconstitutional transformation of Dayton-based BiH.

Linta recalled that two years ago, the Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted the declaration on military neutrality, thereby principally opting for relations with any military alliance, including NATO.

"I think that the vast majority of the Serb people, on both sides of the Drina River, i.e. the Serb people in general, have a negative attitude towards NATO, primarily because of the fact that both Serbia and Republika Srpska were bombed by it," Linta told SRNA.

He added that the result of NATO's aggression against Serbia and Republika Srpska was the seizure of Kosovo and Metohija, which is why the Serb people overwhelmingly had a negative attitude towards NATO.

"Herewith, the politicians have only expressed the opinion of the Serb people through the declaration on military neutrality both in the Parliament of Serbia earlier and in the Republika Srpska National Assembly," Linta said.

Commenting on the fact that the SDS, as a state-forming party, did not vote in favour of adopting the Information, Linta regretted that the unity of all relevant political parties in Republika Srpska had not been established.

"There are certain moments that, first and foremost, concern the national and state issues, and I think this was the moment when it was necessary to find a compromise and establish that unity," Linta noted.

He said that the ruling majority showed willingness to amend the Information with the facts provided by PDP and SDS leaders through their statements.

Linta stressed that, when it comes to state and national issues, it was important to seek a compromise in the coming period and to achieve the unity among all relevant parties in Republika Srpska.

"This is very important, given the fact that Republika Srpska is under constant pressure from part of the Western power centres, as well as from official Sarajevo. In that regard, political unity is crucial to the peace, stability and survival of Srpska," Linta concluded. /end/vos