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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - January 20, 2020




BANJALUKA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Minister of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of Republika Srpska Srebrenka Golić said today she supported projects contributing to the reduction of the impact of industrial facilities on the environment.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - The Banjaluka Stock Exchange today had a turnover of BAM 26.09 million in 31 transactions, the Stock Exchange reports.

PRIJEDOR, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Last year, 692 babies were born in Prijedor, or 42 less than in 2018, by which the trend of fall in the birth rate in that town continued, said Head of the City Department of General Administration Mensur Islamović.


SARAJEVO, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Chairman of the BiH Presidency Željko Komšić said today that the support of the Czech Republic was very important to BiH, particularly in the context of getting EU candidate status after measures and recommendations from the European Commission’s Opinion on BiH’s application for membership are implemented.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers Staša Košarac and Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH Petr Ivantsov have said in Sarajevo that the two countries have good cooperation and that there is mutual interest in improving relations in all segments, particularly in the economy, culture, education and science.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Security Minister in the Council of Ministers Fahrudin Radončić has said that in the past two years BiH did not give a systemic response to the problem of migrant crisis, and announced a plan for BiH to restore its sovereignty regarding the migration management, particularly when it comes to the security aspect and a better control of its eastern border.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - In his letters sent to the then British Prime Minister John Major, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, and later High Representative to BiH, Paddy Ashdown, referred to BiH a “Muslim homeland” on a number of occasions.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - At the trial of Atif Dudaković and another fifteen members and commanders of the 5th Corps of the so-called Army of BiH for crimes against Serbs in Krajina in 1995, Mile Ribić, a witness for the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, has said that while in internment, he had to collect and bury bodies of Serbs killed in Bosanski Petrovac and the nearby village of Krnjeuše.


SARAJEVO, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Director of the Office of the International Migration Organization /IOM/ in BiH, Peter Van der Auweraert, has informed representatives of the Embassy of Netherlands about activities undertaken so that the migrant center in Blažuj would meet conditions for reception of some 1,500 migrants.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Political parties and independent members of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly struck a deal on resuming two sessions of the Assembly on Thursday, January 23, which would end the crisis that has lasted in the Canton for more than a month.

ZAGREB, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - The decision of the BiH Constitutional Court /by outvoting Croatian and Serbian judges/ on the constitutionality of all peoples in the whole territory of BiH led Croats in the FBiH to a subordinate position, says the Croatian Internet portal “Direktno.”


BELGRADE, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - On the occasion of anniversaries of deaths of great Serbian military commanders, representatives of the Serbian Government and the City of Belgrade today laid wreaths at monuments to Dukes Živojin Mišić and Petar Bojović, and to General Pavle Jurišić Šturm.


PODGORICA, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Amfilohije has said that the authorities will conduct possible negotiations on a fundamental agreement on church property with him and not with the Patriarchate, noting that the Metropolitanate “has been autonomous and independent for centuries.”


MOSCOW, JANUARY 20 /SRNA/ - Russian President Vladimir Putin presented to the Russian Duma a draft bill amending the Constitution. /end/sg