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MRKONJIĆ GRAD, JANUARY 29 /SRNA/ - Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has said today in Mrkonjić Grad that as far as he is concerned, the Serbs are one nation who has one Church wherever they live - in Republika Srpska, the Federation of BiH, Montenegro.


“I mentioned the Church even though I know that the Church and the state are separated and I never meddle in Church’s affairs, but this has been the issue of our national identity for centuries,” Vučić told a press conference in Mrkonjić Grad after a meeting with the highest Republika Srpska officials and businessmen.

Vučić has said that this is not only the issue of the Serbian spiritual connection with God but the issue of Serbs’ national identity.

“This is why I repeat it everywhere today, at the time when some are trying to take our identity away from us,” Vučić said.

He has said that the economy is the key to /problems of/ these parts, adding that he saw two large businessmen who were overjoyed when they heard about ways in which Serbia wants to help the economy of Republika Srpska.

These businessmen were overjoyed as they need new machines and equipment, and we provide huge aid in this matter. When you procure new machines, you will then employ a greater number of people, raise their wages and follow world trends,” Vučić said.

He has said that this will mean progress of Republika Srpska, and progress of Serbs in Drvar, Grahovo, Glamoč and everywhere they live.

Vučić has said that he is not doing anything illegal, that he reported his visit to BiH to the Serb member of the BiH Presidency and all BiH institutions.

“I am not hiding anything, I am not hiding from anyone. We are not doing anything illegal, no one can forbid me to love the Serbian people and help the Serbian people. I think this is not making any damage to anyone, and we are also ready to help other peoples as well,” he said.

He says it is Serbia’s natural obligation to help its people but also others if they ask for help, adding that Serbia also helped Albania when it asked for help. /end/sg