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BELGRADE, FEBRUARY 28 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović said this evening in Belgrade that there had been many temptations, challenges, but also nice things, many achieved results in the past 28 years since the adoption of the first Republika Srpska Constitution, but that which had not changed was the awareness of importance of its existence and determination to develop and strengthen Republika Srpska.


“It is my pleasure and honor to be here in Belgrade where we are marking two extremely important dates - January 9, 1992, the day when Republika Srpska was created, and February 28, 1992, the day when Republika Srpska got its first Constitution,” the Republika Srpska president said at a reception organized by the Republika Srpska Representative Office in Serbia on the occasion of Republika Srpska Day and the 28th anniversary of the proclamation of the first Republika Srpska Constitution.

She has stressed that in a country that is supposed to be a joint one, Republika Srpska is facing numerous problems on a daily basis.

“BiH is persistently demonstrating deficits in numerous fields - this is the state without a basic internal agreement, and international interventionism made it stumble more than it is able to achieve any success. We do not want to bear responsibility or a political burden because someone else made it function based on force, and not based on laws and constitution, based on threats instead of agreement and dialogue,” said Cvijanović.

She has said that Srpska and its symbols and competences have been under constant attacks by those who earlier imposed false narratives of war and suffering, and later of Srpska’s alleged guilt for BiH’s failure to be a functional country.

The Republika Srpska president has concluded that the politics of double standards has been omnipresent in the whole region, which is why the region is in disarray.

“We bear responsibility in keeping with expectations of our citizens, and their expectations are clear - preserve Republic’s competences, preserve peace and stability, develop the Republic and create an atmosphere for a better life of our citizens. Republika Srpska is a guarantor of our survival, but also of our security, development and prosperity. This is why we are obliged to defend our dignity, our institutions, territory, and competences that belong to us in keeping with the Dayton Agreement. We don’t want anything that belongs to someone else, but we will not allow that which is ours to be taken from us,” Cvijanović said.

Unfortunately, she has said, many domestic and foreign political actors in BiH, but also outside BiH, are trying to deny rights guaranteed to Republika Srpska by the Constitution.

“Their attempts do not have any logical, moral and legal grounds so that it seems to us sometimes that BiH exists in a parallel reality where reason and truth are turned upside down. It is possible today in BiH that those who consistently abide by the Constitution and the Dayton Agreement be punished and condemned for anti-Dayton activities, and that those who are brutally violating the Constitution, as the highest legal and political act, be declared protectors of the rule of law,” Cvijanović said.

She has said that it is even possible that Bosniak politicians swear in independent and sovereign BiH, while at the same time are inviting the high representative and ambassadors to meddle in its internal affairs and intervene to the detriment of one, and often, of two constituent peoples.

“On the other hand, we have the Constitutional Court of BiH which rules without legal grounds and where three foreign judges sit who in practice represent a voting machine for achieving Bosniak political goals,” said the Republika Srpska president.

Under such circumstances, she says, Republika Srpska is forced to fight for its integrity and constitutional status with all available legal and political means.

“We want peace, cooperation, and dialogue with everyone in BiH, but we will give a strong and decisive institutional response to every attack on Republika Srpska. Even though the atmosphere that was imposed on us is not stimulating, we managed to preserve the full political, institutional and financial stability.

We built roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, houses of culture, and many other buildings throughout Republika Srpska, alone or with Serbia’s aid. Our intention is to build even more and develop Republika Srpska, and the policy of salary and pension increase and creation of favorable conditions for the creation of new jobs in all parts of Srpska remain the priority of Republic institutions,” said Cvijanović.

She has stressed that Serbia is the only support to Republika Srpska on its path of development and prosperity.

“This is why I am grateful to the state leadership headed by President /Aleksandar/ Vučić for the support and concrete projects that were implemented in Republika Srpska with the aid of Serbia. We are firmly committed to nurturing our brotherly and unbreakable ties with Serbia and to additionally strengthening cooperation, which, we can say, is more intensive now than it has been ever in the past,” she said.

The fact that two holidays so important for Republika Srpska, she says, are being marked this evening together, in the heart of Belgrade, speaks that relations between Serbia and Srpska have exceeded formal ones defined by the Agreement on Special and Parallel Ties.

“I want to thank everyone for coming, with the desire that Republika Srpska and Serbia be stronger, more successful, and more developed year by year, just like our mutual relations. Long live Republika Srpska! Long live Serbia!” said Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović at the reception on the occasion of the Republika Srpska Day and the 28th anniversary of the first Republika Srpska Constitution. /end/sg