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BANJA LUKA, MAY 23 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said that the decision of the Central Election Commission /CEC/ to prolong the local elections in BiH is not legitimate because the CEC is politically motivated.


Dodik reiterated that no valid procedure was conducted during the election of CEC`s members and this is one of the reasons why their decision to postpone the election is illegitimate.

Dodik, who is also the president of the SNSD, pointed out that the prolongation of the elections does not suit for SNSD, but that they would like them to be held on the date as provided by law.

"I believe that we can achieve an excellent result with our coalition partners", Dodik told Radio Republika Srpska.

He has emphasized that someone else wanted to postpone the elections, and that is exactly why the commission was set up, which has no legitimacy.

"Such a decision is only a contribution to greater confusion about the elections", Dodik said.

He has reiterated that the SNSD is ready for the elections and to support the decision on their financing, but that it is not ready to accept the CEC in this composition.

The Central Election Commission of BiH decided today that the local elections this year will be held on November 15 instead of October 4. /end/bo