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BANJALUKA, JULY 2 /SRNA/ - The National Assembly of Republika Srpska has adopted the Rules of Procedure the aim of which is to boost the efficiency and improve work of Parliament, remove noted shortcomings in the present Rules of Procedure, while preserving the dignity of the highest Republic legislative institution.


The new Rules of Procedure fully regulate internal organisation and operations of the National Assembly, rights and duties of members of Parliament, cooperation with the highest bodies of Srpska and other issues of importance for operations of Parliament and accomplishment of tasks by Parliament.

Out of the 59 members of parliament present, 49 voted for new Rules of Procedure, nine voted against and no one abstain from voting.

The National Assembly adopted a bill amending the Law on Forests which more precisely defines the property of the “Šume Srpske” public company, a way of preservation of wood assortments seized by inspectors and widening possible business and organisational forms of contractors in forestry.

The National Assembly also adopted a bill amending and supplementing the Law on Waste Management in order to specify and point out the role of local government units in the waste management system, regulate duties of the local government units in the development of a waste separation system and determine ways of collection of all sorts of waste.

Members of parliament also adopted a bill amending and supplementing the Law on Environmental Protection which will enable the establishment of a more efficient way of environmental protection in the territory of Republika Srpska.

MPs adopted a draft bill on factoring and a draft bill on administrative inspection.

The National Assembly also adopted a bill amending and supplementing the Criminal Code of Republika Srpska which instead of long-term imprisonment stipulates life in prison for serious crimes, such as murder.

The National Assembly adopted a draft bill amending and supplementing the Law on Criminal Proceedings and a consolidated report on execution of the Republika Srpska budget for last year.

A report on operations of the Republika Srpska Concession Commission and a financial report for 2019, a report on operations and execution of the revised financial plan – budget of the Solidarity Fund for diagnostics and treatment of diseases, conditions and injuries of children abroad for last year and a report from Children’s Ombudsman for 2019 were also adopted.

The National Assembly took note of results of activities of the BiH Ombudsman for Human Rights for 2019 and a special report from that institution on the right to a peaceful assembly.

Members of parliament adopted information on obligations of BiH and Republika Srpska stemming from the accession process with the EU and reviewed measures and activities implemented in 2019, as well as information on results of the harmonization of Srpska’s legislation with that of the EU.

After the vote, Speaker of the National Assembly Nedeljko Čubrilović ended the 10th regular session. /end/sg