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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - October 21, 2020




TREBINJE, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has said that Trebinje is repaying in the best possible way its debt to Jovan Dučić, a great Serbian writer, the man who gave an immense contribution to the diplomacy and understood well Serbian national interests and the position of Serbs which was difficult in his time as well.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska Alen Šeranić has said that it is of utmost importance now for citizens to consistently respect coronavirus measures in order to have positive results in the coming period which would protect the health, the health system, but also the economy and jobs.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - SNSD president Milorad Dodik has said that a bad atmosphere was created regarding the use of public procurement resources and that the filing of a report with the Banjaluka District Prosecutor’s Office against DNS president Nenad Nešić and summoning him to be questioned at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska are common measures undertaken by responsible government structures.

BIJELJINA, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - The oldest media outlet in Bijeljina, the “Semberske Novine” newspapers, marked today the 40 years of its existence during which time 1,262 issues were published.


SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - Representatives of the Central Election Commission of BiH and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH concluded at today’s online meeting that they will insist on preventing abuses in the election process and prosecuting the ones which nonetheless happen.

EAST SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - In the "Network" police operation, members of the State Investigation and Protection Agency /Sipa/ of BiH today arrested a person suspected of abuse of office and powers.


SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - The Crisis Staff of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Health decided today that classes in all secondary schools will be conducted online as of Friday, October 23, due to the worsened epidemiological situation.

SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - Members of police agencies are searching the apartment of Fikret Hodžić, the owner of the Srebrena Malina Company, by way of which 100 disputed ventilators were imported to the FBiH from China.


ŠAMAC, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - The Independent Party – Dr. Mihajlo Tovirac expects to get at least two seats in the Šamac Municipal Assembly and supports the candidate of the “People above all” Coalition for mayor, Đorđe Milićević.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - The candidate of the PDP and the SDS for Banjaluka Mayor, Draško Stanivuković, promised today that if citizens vote for him and this political option, he will reduce the salaries of politicians and save millions in the city budget annually.

TREBINJE, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - SNSD president Milorad Dodik has said that Trebinje is the city of SNSD’s success and that he expects another victory in the elections for mayor and the city assembly, as these candidates are the best offer to Trebinje residents.


BELGRADE, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - Serbia is patiently advocating dialogue and implementation of agreements with Priština, but the Albanian side deceived not only Serbia but the EU as well, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said at a UN Security Council’s session on Kosovo and Metohija.

BELGRADE, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - At a session of the UN Security Council, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya sharply warned the representative of self-declared Kosovo, Melisa Haradinaj, that she will be excluded from the next meeting if Kosovo insignia are displayed.


PODGORICA, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - Members of the Emergency Situations Directorate of the Montenegrin Ministry of Internal Affairs removed and transported a 500 kg aerial bomb from WWII. /end/sg