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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 30 /SRNA/ - SNSD leader Milorad Dodik said Monday that initiatives, such as the SDP's on constitutional changes in BiH, would not be reviewed on the agenda, stating that it was unacceptable for Republika Srpska and that the will of the two entities and the three constituent peoples to change something must be respected.


Dodik told the press in Banjaluka that he had been listening to such things for 20 years, and that the SDP, SDA and some others were constantly dusting off this issue.

"It is essentially nothing new, but the attempt to do the same thing is constantly being repeated. People must understand that it will not be on the agenda at all. They can submit whatever initiatives, but BiH must reflect the essence. The will of the two entities and the three constituent peoples to amend or agree on something must be respected", said Dodik.

He said that he had previously heard far greater demands, including electing only one president in BiH immediately at the elections.

"It was rejected and will be rejected for the next 100 years if ever proposed again," Dodik said.

He said that Bosniak parties intended to draw some attention with such demands when no other events were ongoing.

"Therefore I repeat, such requests are unacceptable for us and will not be reviewed, nor will they be on the agenda," said Dodik.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the BiH Armed Forces, he reiterated that demilitarization should have been carried out in BiH.

"These are not the Armed Forces of BiH, but of some other international forces. God forbid the funds required for their functioning, which has been unfortunately increased. I believe the Armed Forces should be reduced as well as the costs," said Dodik. /end/vos