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BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 3 /SRNA/ - The SDA and political Sarajevo are currently conducting a shameful campaign with a view to annulling the election will of Srebrenica citizens and winning behind closed doors a battle they lost in regular elections in Srebrenica, SNSD spokesman Radovan Kovačević told Srna.


Kovačević has said that it is obvious that we have a politically motivated process at the moment and an orchestrated media smear campaign against democratically elected mayor of Srebrenica Mladen Grujičić with the aim of putting pressure on members of the Central Election Commission /CEC/ and preparing the ground for an absolutely unfounded decision to annul elections in that local community.

“We see that those who swear the most by a civil BiH are now coming out with fascist claims that elections should be annulled only because a certain number of Bosniaks voted for Mladen Grujičić,” said Kovačević.

He has stressed that such shameful statements are inadmissible in a civilized world which is why the lack of reaction from IC representatives in BiH is inexplicable as they would certainly have already considered a series of possible sanctions had such shameful commentaries been uttered by Serb politicians.

“The SNSD fully supports Mladen Grujičić who got a mandate in democratic and free elections to lead Srebrenica and take care of its citizens regardless of their religious, ethnic or any other affiliation,” said Kovačević. /end/sg