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BELGRADE, JANUARY 21 /SRNA/ - Security professor Predrag Ćeranić assesses, following the conflict between migrants and the police in Blažuj near Sarajevo, that it s not impossible for such incidents to take place outside migrant camps and lead to much more serious problems.


"Incidents will be more aggravated and frequent if something is not done. Having those who arrived from the Syrian battlefield among the migrants is particularly dangerous, which can easily lead to the conflicts taking place outside the migrant camps," said Ćeranić.

He says the migrant crisis represents an increasing security threat to BiH, and notes there are approximately 3,000 people of different structures, religious beliefs and cultures in the Blažuj camp, which provides a suitable ground for their mutual clashes.

"We see now that they are ready to enter into a showdown with the police," Ćeranić told Sputnik.

He reminds the Shiites and Sunnis initiated incident in the Blažuj camp, the police got involved, but the migrants than joined forces and attacked the police together.

Ćeranić points to a large number of returnees from the Syrian battlefield, or Afghanistan, among the migrants, including members of the "Islamic State", so who knows how they can react. /end/vos