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KOZARSKA DUBICA, SEPTEMBER 25 / SRNA / - Serbs have no life in this area if they do not have an independent state, and everything that is happening, among other things, the decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court show that it is necessary, said Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik.


"If the Constitutional Court says that the practice that it created itself is the basis for making a decision, we have nothing to look for here. They can do whatever practice they want and it is all a hoax to Serbs from the EU and America how we should respect the Constitutional Court and BiH ", Dodik told reporters in Kozarska Dubica.

Dodik pointed out that this is an ongoing attempt to seize everything that is under the jurisdiction of the Republika Srpska.

Dodik stated that in the first phase, Republika Srpska should reject everything that was imposed by the High Representative and the Constitutional Court of BiH, mentioning that nowhere in the world a constitutional court deals with the issue of ownership and competencies.

"Republika Srpska will withdraw and annul everything in the first phase, we will withdraw our consent from previously given agreements such as the agreement on the army and indirect taxes. Within three, four or five months we need to form our army and get out of the concept called the Armed Forces, ban the Court and the Prosecutor's Office from operating in the area of ​​Srpska and put the judiciary under the jurisdiction of the Parliament of Srpska," said Dodik. "That is my suggestion and I hope it will have the support", Dodik added.

He says this is what needs to be done, because all the efforts seem to be pointless, and reminded of the 20-year old struggle and attempts of the Serb side to respect the rule of law and the Constitution of BiH.

Dodik reiterated that the Constitutional Court, as well as the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, have no jurisdiction over forests and that it is not written anywhere in the Dayton Agreement.

He noted that the Constitutional Court should make decisions in accordance with the Constitution, and not in accordance with practice.

In a statement to the press, Dodik thanked the opposition for supporting the holding of an extraordinary session of the Srpska parliament.

"We will try to reach agreed views. Mine will be radical. I will demand that all decisions imposed by the High Representative to be rejected, that we return to the original Dayton and, if that is not the case, return to the Assembly in the next six months and declare independence." ", concluded Dodik. /end/nm