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SRNA News Roundup /III/ September 25, 2021




KOZARSKA DUBICA, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the Presidency of BiH Milorad Dodik visited today the multi-member family Ritan in the village of Mlječanica near Kozarska Dubica.

BANJA LUKA, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska, Alen Šeranić, appealed to the citizens not to take into account the reckless and irresponsible statements of individuals about how harmful oxygen used in health care institutions is for years. Oxygen is, actually, useful to people, Šeranić said.

BANJA LUKA, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - Oxygen given to patients at the University Clinical Center / UCC / of Republika Srpska in Banja Luka is not harmful to patients' health, it is the same as oxygen used in all hospitals in the region and Europe and patients have no reason to fear, it was announced today from the UCC of Srpska.

FOČA, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - His Eminence Metropolitan Hrizostom of Dabro-Bosnia consecrated the memorial church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Gornja Jošanica near Foča, built in memory of 56 locals killed at the doorstep of St. Nicholas Day in 1992, as well as to the other victims of this region in the defense-patriotic war.


KOZARSKA DUBICA, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - Serbs have no life in this area if they do not have an independent state, and everything that is happening, among other things, the decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court, show that it is necessary, said Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik.

KOZARSKA DUBICA, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the Presidency of BiH Milorad Dodik stated that there is no need for both members of the Presidency of BiH Željko Komšić and Šefik Džaferović to visit Northern Macedonia because they both represent only Muslims in BiH.


BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - Fighter planes of the Serbian Army flew over the area near the administrative crossing Jarinje on two occasions today.

BELGRADE / GORNJI MILANOVAC, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - At the Memorial Center in Pranjani, Galović Polje, the 77th anniversary of Operation Halliard was marked today. That's wherr members of the Yugoslav Army and the local population enabled the evacuation of about 500 Allied airmen who Nazi German forces overthrew in World War II.

BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - In the last 24 hours, 19,407 people were tested for the corona virus in Serbia, of which 6,192 were positive, while 42 died.


PODGORICA, SEPTEMBER 25 /SRNA/ - His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Porfirije was solemnly welcomed in the Đurđevi stupovi monastery, where he will enthrone the newly elected bishop of Budimlje-Nikšić, Metodije, tomorrow. /end/nm