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BANJALUKA, June 12 /SRNA/ - Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Wednesday that no army could separate Republika Srpska and Serbia and that he supported the decision of BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik to reject the request to deploy army on the border with Serbia and Montenegro due to the migrant crisis.


“Dodik made it very clear that no army will be deployed between Republika Srpska and Serbia. Weapons cannot stand between Serbs on the banks of the River Drina,” Vulin said after a meeting with Dodik in Banjaluka.

He says that Serbia recognizes the territorial integrity of BiH and that it is one of the guarantors of the Dayton Agreement, but that Srpska will always be its foreign policy priority.

“As long as /Aleksandar/ Vučić is leading Serbia, Republika Srpska will be our priority just like as long as I am the defense minister and Vučić is leading Serbia, it will be military neutral and will not become a member of NATO or any other military alliance,” Vulin said.

He expressed concern over the fact that the BiH Armed Forces took part in a military exercise where representatives of the so-called Army of Kossovo also took part.

“BiH does not recognize Kossovo and therefore it cannot recognize its army so that it was very disappointing for us. I am certain that a debate on this subject matter will be launched in BiH,” Vulin said.

He has said that Serbia and Srpska have had the best cooperation so far.

“Our relations are very productive and sincere. In his every speech and reflections about the Serbian people Vučić always takes care of Srpska and how any decision reflects on Srpska. I thanked Dodik for always taking care of Serbia and all Serbs and for knowing that every decision in Srpska also pertains to Serbia. Dodik is not only a friend of Serbia but the man who always takes care of the Serbian people and he absolutely agrees with Vučić on this matter,” Vulin told RTRS.

Dodik on Wednesday received representatives of units which in 1999 took part in the Battle of Košare, on the Albanian-Serbian border.

Vulin, who attended the meeting, has said that they agreed that Srpska and Serbia, in imitation of the documentary film "War Stories from Košare," will make a documentary about the breakthrough of the “corridor of life” which established a road link between Republika Srpska and Serbia during the war.

“We agreed that the Serbian and Republika Srpska governments jointly make a documentary film about the Operation Corridor, a heroic battle which saved Republika Srpska and Serbs in it. Vučić wants that we take care that our joint past and evils that were inflicted on the Serbian people, but also the heroism of the Serbian people, are not forgotten,” Vulin said.

According to him, soldiers in Košare defended Republika Srpska as well.

“When they are defending Serbia, they are defending Srpska as well. When you attack a part of the Serbian people, you attack all Serbs regardless of where they live. The Battle of Košare was in defense of Republika Srpska, just like the Operation Corridor was in defense of Serbia,” Vulin said. /end/sg