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BANJALUKA, July 11 /SRNA/ - Serbs originating from the FBiH should report to the Office for Legal Aid of the Republika Srpska Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs in order to protect their properties in the FBiH, representatives of Serbian associations in the FBiH said on Thursday.


The associations say that Serbs should report their real property ownership rights and protect their properties having in mind that negative demographic and other trends and the obstruction of return can lead to reducing their presence there to only 1.5% in the next population census.

The president of the Committee for Protection of Rights of Serbs in the FBiH, Đorđe Radanović, has said that since the 1991 population census in BiH, even 163 Serbian settlements have been abandoned completely.

Radanović told a press conference on Thursday in the Republika Srpska Government’s Press Center that according to the 1991 population census, there were around 475,000 Serbs /around 17.5%/ in the FBiH, not counting Yugoslavs, while according to the 2013 population census, there were 56,000 Serbs /2.5%/.

“All Serbs should report to offices and protect their property since there is work in the FBiH to harmonize land registry books and establish a new cadastre,” Radanović said.

He has said that the Republika Srpska Government and institutions are helping them to protect the property and warned that numerous examples of seizure of Serbian land in the FBiH were recorded.

Radanović has said that one must not allow the seizing of the Serbian land.

“We want the same rights as enjoyed by Bosniak returnees in the territory of Srpska, since the return of Serbs to the FBiH is being subtly blocked by not bringing electricity to their villages, by not building roads, by not providing them with health care,” Radanović said on Thursday.

He has added that there are still big problems when it comes to employment and representation of Serbs in FBiH and Canton bodies and institutions.

The president of the Banjaluka Association of Refugees and Displaced Persons, Vojislav Milišić, has called on Serbs originating from the FBiH to organize drives to clean returnee villages, access roads, cemeteries, homes and to tour their pre-war places of residence during summer.

“Mostly old and sick returned and they hardly are able to take care of their properties, cemeteries and the like,” Milišić said.

It was said at the press conference that the 78th anniversary of the killing of more than 12,000 Serbs in Garavice near Bihać should be marked at the end of the month.

The press conference was also attended by the president of the Republika Srpska Alliance of Municipal Associations of Refugees and Displaced Persons, Ignjat Simić. /end/sg