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BANJA LUKA, JULY, 11 /SRNA / - The last action of the Sarajevo police showed that warnings from the Republika Srpska were based on the fact that among the migrants entering BiH there are a large number of persons who can pose a security threat and represent a real danger, believes the Dean of the Faculty for security in Banja Luka Slobodan Župljanin.


"Our warnings were based on the knowledge that some of these persons participated in combat activities and terrorist actions in the ranks of the" Islamic state", Župljanin said Srna.

He reminded that the representatives of the authorities at the BiH’s level, who have the most competencies for migrants and the migrant crisis, were burying their heads in the sand and they were telling that the situation was under control and that there was no reason for great concern.

"We see that all this was untruth, that the number of migrants from day to day, from month to month, increased and that it would certainly increase during the year. Finally, the authorities in Sarajevo have publicly acknowledged that among the migrants entering BiH there are very problematic persons, so in the last action, three migrants were excluded, who are security interest in the competent services”, Župljanin warned.

He has assessed that among the migrants there are much more persons interesting for security services who could pose a potential threat to BiH and invited the competent authorities to take measures that citizens would not have come into danger and together with their property were exposed to attacks by migrants coming from the criminal circles and areas in which they acted as terrorists.

"It is to be expected that a large number of such persons will be discovered that are interesting from the aspect of security and that the competent authorities will take for them the measures prescribed by law. The authorities must finally understand this and begin to take measures within their jurisdiction", said Župljanin, reminding that migrants illegally entered BiH and that the time of their stay and activities are illegal.

In the action of members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sarajevo Canton, 132 migrants were found, most of them being transferred to reception centers Ušivak near Hadžići and Delijaš near Trnovo, and three persons which represent security threat, at Immigration Center in East Sarajevo. /end/bo