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DRVAR, July 11 /SRNA/ - Goran Broćeta, a Serb delegate in the House of Peoples of the Federation of BiH Parliament, told Srna that Serbs in Drvar, Glamoč and Bosansko Grahovo are merely surviving and that Serb returnees are spoon-fed assistance from the Federation and Livno Canton.


Broćeta pointed out that the municipalities Drvar, Glamoč and Bosansko Grahovo had not received a single convertible mark from the FBiH budget allocations for lower levels of government, cantons and municipalities, asserting that this clearly showed the extent of the Federation’s ignorance of the municipalities inhabited by Serbs returnees.

Broćeta stated that Serb returnees were living hard and that the FBiH authorities shunned their numerous calls for help.

Due to the FBiH’s ignorance, the Serb population mulls over what to do next because they are spoon-fed assistance from the entity authorities, he added.

"We are forced to think about what we can do now as it is impossible to survive or remain here despite our great desire to stay in our centuries’ old homes,” stated Broćeta.

According to him, the only help that Serb returnees receive at all comes from Republika Srpska and Serbia and that if such assistance does not continue or increase in the future, returnees will be left to their own devices under extremely hard conditions.

Mayor of Drvar Dušica Runić has told Srna, that as leader of the biggest returnee municipality in the Federation, she was extremely dissatisfied about the allocation of assistance from the FBiH budget.

She noted that the only help the Drvar municipality received lately came from the Livno Canton by means of a decision on allocation of funds for the damage caused by bad weather and added that the municipal authorities were not happy with that decision either.

"It was a hard struggle to get a written approval from the FBiH for the repair of Tito’s Cave, which clearly explains the position of the returnee municipality with Serb majority,” said Runić.

On July 5, the FBiH Official Gazette published a decision on the allocation of financial assistance of BAM1.2 million from the 2019 budget to cities and municipalities and on the financing of projects significant for the development of cities and municipalities.

According to another published decision, cantons received BAM4.8 million in financial assistance.

However, no such financial assistance went to the returnee municipalities Drvar, Glamoč or Bosansko Grahovo, whose population are mainly Serbs. /end/dš