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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - August 13, 2019




BANJALUKA, August 13 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government Lejla Rešić told SRNA that the Government launched an initiative with the Republika Srpska National Assembly to dissolve the Rudo Municipal Assembly.

PALE, August 13 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Ministry for Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society awarded the East Sarajevo University Faculty of Philosophy a license for new study programs – history and archeology, the Russian language and literature and international political relations.

BANJALUKA, August 13 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Public Health Institute reminds citizens of the need to adhere to personal hygiene during the summer, particularly at high temperatures.

BANJALUKA, August 13 /SRNA/ - The president of the Republika Srpska Trade Union of Judiciary Employees, Siniša Petrović, told SRNA on Tuesday that a special collective agreement for more than 2,500 employees in the judiciary would be signed with Justice Minister Anton Kasipović by August 19.

BRATUNAC, August 13 /SRNA/ - Bratunac is the leader in the production of raspberries in Republika Srpska, as 1,300 households are growing this fruit, and the aim is for the number to increase to 2,000, Bratunac Mayor Nedeljko Mlađenović said on Tuesday at the opening of the 13th International Fair of Agriculture, Food Industry and Tourism, “Days of Raspberry 2019.”

DOBOJ, August 13 /SRNA/ - The president of the Hunting Association Fazan Doboj, Vedran Božičković, said that hunters could not react preventively to the emergence of the African swine fever without a systemic plan of the legislator in circumstances where a significant increase in the number of wild boars has been registered at the Doboj hunting ground.


BANJALUKA – Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik says the National Assembly of Republika Srpska will adopt a document rejecting all decisions that are not in strict compliance with the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution if authorities at the BiH level are not formed.


SARAJEVO, August 13 /SRNA/ - Serbs who own property in the FBiH are invited to address pro bono legal offices and to actively take part in the real property registration procedure, by which they will protect their property and legal interests from possible abuses in the project of real property registration in the FBiH.

SARAJEVO, August 13 /SRNA/ - The Committee for the Protection of Serbs in the FBiH on Tuesday called on all residents of Drvar, Grahovo, Glamoč and Petrovac to halt traffic towards Livno and Bihać on September 13-14 due to an attempt by the HDZ of the Livno Canton to celebrate the day of occupation of Drvar and the intention of the Una-Sana Canton Government to relocate a migrant center to the Serbian village of Medeno Polje.


BELGRADE, August 13 /SRNA/ - The Coordination of Serbian Associations of Families of Missing and Killed Persons in Former Yugoslavia says it is embittered by that fact that 16 years after the massacre of Serbian children in Goraždevac no one has yet been brought to justice, and urged international factors and judicial authorities in Kosmet to do everything in their power to bring to justice perpetrators of this and other crimes.

BELGRADE, August 13 /SRNA/ - The Russian Humanitarian Mission this fall will deliver humanitarian aid to 300 Serbian families in Kosmet, the executive director of this humanitarian organization for the Balkans, Branimir Nešić, said on Tuesday.

BELGRADE, August 13 /SRNA/ - The author of the recently published Collection of UN Security Council Resolutions, Milivoje Ivanišević, says that the book is a reminder of an inquisition-like behavior and crimes the UN committed against Serbs in the 1990s, including the most monstrous one, when Banjaluka babies were deprived of the right to oxygen and life. /end/sg