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BELGRADE, JANUARY 17 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said in Belgrade today there would be no hesitation from Republika Srpska, BiH level as much as it would be possible, and Serbia in protecting the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church /SOC/ in accordance with positive regulations.


Dodik said after meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vuić that he respected Vučić's stance on his voiced support for the SOC in general, and that it was evident that the Church had been attacked in a number of places, such as in north Macedonia, where its property was earlier confiscated, and now in Montenegro.

He emphasized that the balanced approach of Vučić and Republika Srpska is sustainable and means the support for SOC’s status and rights to property, wherever it is.

"That is why there will be no hesitation in protecting the property from Republika Srpska, as well as from the level of BiH, as much as we would be able to, and of course from the position of Serbia, in the manner permitted by positive international, internal and regional regulations," Dodik said.

The Montenegrin Law on Freedom of Religion provides that the state becomes the owner of all religious facilities constructed by December 1918 unless it is established that one of the religious communities is the actual owner.

SOC faithful in Montenegro opposed the adoption of the law, which led to mass protests across the country, as well as in individual cities in Republika Srpska and Serbia. /end/vos