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DONJI ŽABAR, JANUARY 17 /SRNA/ - Egg producer Agreks, a company based in Donji Žabar, exported 302,400 eggs for industrial processing to the EU market, i.e. for one Croatian company.


Agreks CEO Predrag Miličić told SRNA that the same amount of eggs would be delivered to another Croatian company next week, with which they also contracted.

"We estimate that for now those, i.e. Croatian factories, will be the market in the first months of the year. At the same time, we are negotiating with two more factories from Austria and Italy," Miličić said.

He recalled that Agreks was the only company in BiH on the list of eggs exporting countries for industrial processing that was officially confirmed by Brussels on December 24 last year, thus they started first business operations at the beginning of the year.

He noted that such business step forward means a lot for the company because they were given the opportunity to enter the market supplying 500,000,000 people, which means that they successfully passed all the inspections done by local and European institutions.

"Such a large market opens up opportunities for us. We are planning to expand the capacity. We now have a cage and free-range production, while this year we are preparing for the so-called natural production, which involves feeding the hens in a completely natural environment," Miličić said. /end/vos