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SARAJEVO, FEBRUARY 19 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik says he has voted against the minutes of a meeting, the meeting agenda and all proposed items at today's session of the BiH Presidency, but has been outvoted.


Dodik told the press that he had sought to include determining the responsibility of Presidency Chairman Željko Komšić for keeping silent on the appointment of a new international judge to the Constitutional Court of BiH and his correspondence with the President of the European Court of Human Rights, by which he violated the Constitution and Rules of Procedure of the Presidency, but Komšić and Bosniak member Šefik Džaferović refused it.

“My proposal, which was explained and submitted, means that Komšić, as the Chairman, violated Articles 5.3. and 6.1a. of the BiH Constitution and Rules of Procedure of the Presidency, that he, by willful omission, violated provisions of the Constitution pertaining to competences of the Presidency and violated an obligation of the BiH Presidency to have consultations with the president of the European Court of Human Rights, who after that appointed a judge,” Dodik said.

He has added that by willfully hiding the above-mentioned correspondence, and by responding and assuming an obligation to consult with the other two members of the Presidency, which he did not do, Komšić willfully deceived the president of the European Court of Human Rights.

Dodik says his goal is to establish accountability, saying that Komšić should resign if he has any dignity and cares about the country which he "so ardently represents".

“It is my goal to establish accountability in this country. If you have two members of the BiH Presidency, you can outvote the third member and the third constituent people, you can violate the Constitution, deceive the president of the European Court of Human Rights without any accountability,” Dodik warned.

He has said that he will speak with other political factors in BiH about how to raise this issue with relevant institutions.

“One should not expect relevant BiH institutions, which have always protected Sarajevo political representatives, to do anything. But, if some think they can continue violating the Constitution, they will have to face our actions in defense of the constitutional order in BiH, the way it is written,” Dodik said.

Regarding his actions at the meeting of the BiH Presidency, Dodik has said that he acted in keeping with conclusions of the Republika Srpska National Assembly pertaining to an obligation of Republika Srpska representatives not to take part in any decision-making in joint BiH institutions.

“I voted against the meeting agenda, against minutes and all proposed items of the agenda,” Dodik said. /end/sg