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BIJELJINA, FEBRUARY, 22 /SRNA/ - The President of the Republika Srpska Veterans' Organization /BORS/ Milomir Savčić has said that without Republika Srpska the EU does not need either him or the people of Srpska, and pointed out that US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Matthew Palmer threatens on arrogant and overbearing manner to those who live here.


Savčić told SRNA that their messages are always a form of threat, and are aimed only at expressing their interests.

"They do not express the interests of us who live in this area. Their interest is to be as they wish", Savčić said, commenting on a statement by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Matthew Palmer to Republika Srpska`s officials.

He has emphasized that it is inappropriate to threaten someone who was born here and whose descendants will live here, in a rather arrogant and overbearing manner, saying what and how to do it, especially because it was done by "those who just fly over these areas by plane".

Savčić has added that he would like to see all the great powers of the world, those who represent such countries, including Palmer, how they would act as representatives of small countries. No one, Savčić says, would ever hear or know about them.

"EU does not mean anything for us if we do not have our own Republika Srpska. What will we do in the EU if the part of the people will remain there without any autonomy and guarantee for the survival in this area", Savčić said.

According to him, if he were to choose between the EU and Republika Srpska, it would always be for Republika Srpska, to which Dayton powers would be restored.

"If Republika Srpska can join the EU, of course, in the way we agree within BiH, then I have nothing against it. But, the EU without the Republika Srpska, is completely pointless - I do not need it", the BORS President said. /end/bo