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BELGRADE, FEBRUARY, 23 /SRNA/ - The President of the Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović has estimated that a long, and probably much more exhaustive battle is ahead, but that BiH must be put in order and turn it into a rule of law.


Cvijanović has told Radio Belgrade that even from the EU, they have a hypocritical view that BiH, with this level of international supervision and with foreign judges, cannot be legitimate, cannot move towards the EU and cannot become a member.

She has emphasized that foreign judges in the Constitutional Court of BiH definitely undermine the legitimacy and sovereignty of BiH itself.

Asked what will happen after the deadline of 60 days, when the representatives of the Republika Srpska in joint bodies should submit a report on the conclusions of the Parliament of Srpska on the BiH Constitutional Court, Cvijanović has said that if not passed a law on the termination of the mandate of international judges in this court, be passed determined second set of steps and measures, and she cannot speak about that now.

"We will return to the Assembly to report, and some possible things about we will inform, we already know. There are Bosniak politicians who say they will not carry out Dayton's obligations and this does not come across any condemnation", Cvijanović noted.

Cvijanović has recalled to the attempts to abolish the identity of Srpska, and now Srpska is expropriating and confiscating its property, and it is now a practical terrain that deeply delves into property issues and serves for expropriation.

"Political and legal means must respond to this, and Srpska does that. And there is nothing destructive and adventurous here. You have the right to say on behalf of the citizens to find solutions if they are not in accordance with the Constitution. If we want to live in a state of order, not in the state of disorder, then we need to have legal certainty, and we cannot if the institutions do not do their job in accordance with the Constitution", Cvijanović added.

She has estimated that the reform of the judiciary is not appropriate for the Bosniaks, because it would then remove any imposed unnatural and artificial mechanisms, such as the High Representative or foreign judges in the Constitutional Court, who are doing their political work.

"They are trying to narrow our space for criticism and say that these are Dayton categories. Yes, but no one gave the right either to the BiH Constitutional Court or the High Representative to violate the Dayton and Dayton constitution", Cvijanović said.

She has recalled that the BiH Parliamentary Assembly could enter the procedure of replacing foreign judges with domestic judges, but that this never happened, because they kept the Constitutional Court as a tool to one day assume the role of High Representative.

Cvijanović has pointed to contradictory decisions of the Constitutional Court and the absurdity to act differently on the same appeals regarding property issues, and as an example she stated that in the cases of the appeals of Alija Izetbegović and Sulejman Tihić, the Constitutional Court decided that the property belonge to the entities, as well as the decision that the land in the Brčko District belongs to that District, and the same thing is now being challenged in Republika Srpska.

She has noted that Bosniaks announced that they would not support the law on the Constitutional Court of BiH because they know that foreigners in that Court are their political tool, which they no longer hide, and that there has been a delay in discussing the line of demarcation between the entities, because Bosniaks say that they do not want to talk about it.

"They are not ready for dialogue because they have always been encouraged not to accept it", Cvijanović said, adding that she sees this as the biggest deficit brought to Srpska by the international factor and the most the High Representative.

Threats on sanctions imposed on Republika Srpska by US Ambassador to BiH Erik Nelson after talk with the Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik, Cvijanović called a typical reaction and explained that all foreigners always repeated that the decision of the Constitutional Court must be respected. /end/bo