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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - March 25, 2020




BANJALUKA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Emergency Staff has issued a conclusionn requesting the Council of Ministers, to take the necessary measures through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic and consular missions, in order to evacuate children and young people aged 15 to 22 who have found themselves in Italy for sports training and to enable their entry into BiH.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Emergency Staff has issued a decision on the allocation of financial assistance in the total amount of BAM 49,000 to the Red Cross municipal and city organisations and civic associations managing soup kitchens for the most vulnerable category of population within their framework in order to continue with operation of those kitchens during the state of emergency.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Emergency Staff has reached a conclusion recommending to Power Industry of Republika Srpska not to calculate default interest when billing for March, April and May.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Alen Šeranić, says the coornavirus epidemic has not yet reached its peak in BiH and that it may continue until June, stating that it will be possible to tell how long it will last once it reaches its peak.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - In the past 24 hours, 48 citizens have been sanctioned in Republika Srpska for failing to respect the ban on movement of persons 65 years of age and older, as well as curfew between 8 pm to 5 am.

BROD, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - Sijekovac, near Brod, is marking 28 years tomorrow since the war crime was committed against 46 Serb civilians by regular armed forces from Croatia and paramilitary Bosniak-Croat units from BiH.

BROD, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - Wreaths were laid today in the Brod local community Rit, what used to be JNA Street, in front of a memorial to 12 members of the Yugoslav People's Army and Serb soldiers who were killed today 28 years ago.

TREBINJE, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - Tvrdoš Monastery, the Herc gradnja company from Trebinje and the EFT Group will donate three new respirators to the Trebinje General Hospital, the health institution announced.

BIJELJINA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - In Bijeljina, 1,190 people are being under medical supervision over coronavorus pandemic, three of whom are infected, 21 are home isolated, while a mother and a baby are in isolation in hospital, Bijeljina Mayor Mićo Mićić said.

SOKOLAC, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The Advisory Board of Physicians and the Administration of the Special Psychiatric Hospital in Sokolac today submitted a proposal to the line ministry to suspend the admission of patients to that institution during coronavirus epidemic in order to preserve the health of 130 patients currently staying in this hospital.

FOČA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - A quarantine has been organised at the Partizan Youth Sports Centre and the Sutjeska Football Club in Foča to accommodate people who do not respect home isolation, and the residents of this municipality who will be issued isolation measure at the border when entering BiH, the Municipal Crisis Staff said at today’s meeting.

FOČA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The Foča Agricultural Establishment "Health Food Gagović" will distribute a ton of potatoes and 100 liters of brandy to pensioners in the municipalities of Foča in Republika Srpska and Foča-Ustikolina in the Federation of BiH.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The Bema footwear factory announced that approximately 13,000 people are employed in the textile and footwear industry, whose jobs are at risk due to coronavirus pandemic, which requires concrete support.


BANJALUKA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The pandemic of coronavirus has undoubtedly confirmed that not only a credit should be given to medical nurses and technicians, but their profession must be enhanced, according to a joint press release by associations gathering medical nurses and technicians in Republika Srpska, Federation of BiH and Brčko District, the Srpska Resuscitation Council and the FAMI Foundation, which is implementing a project to strengthen sisterhood in BiH.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - Turkis Ambassador to BiH Haldun Koc says Turkey's assistance to BiH in combating coronavirus is a reflection of the importance this country attaches to solidarity with BiH in difficult times.

BRČKO, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - At today's special session, the Brčko District Assembly decided not to increase or decrease the salaries for employees in the administration, police, and other beneficiaries of the Brčko District budget.


SARAJEVO, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - Đorđe Radanović, the Chairman of the Committee on Protection of Serb Rights in BiH, says that the Bihać and Una-Sana Canton authorities, by constructing a migrant camp in the Serb village of Lipa, are completing the ethnic cleansing of the area from Serbs, expelled during the last war.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The Federation of BiH /FBiH/ confirmed 52 cases of coronavirus infection and three deaths, according to the data of the FBiH Public Health Institute on the epidemiological situation by 10:00 today.


BELGRADE, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić says a dramatic increase in the number of infected in Serbia is expected today due to more citizens being tested.

BELGRADE, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - The distribution of 2.5 million face masks from China began this morning in Serbia, which will receive another 6.5 million in the coming days, the Serbian Ministry of Finance announced.


VUKOVAR, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - Vukovar city officials, led by Mayor Ivan Penav, seized emergency opportunities in Croatia caused by coronavirus pandemic to suspend payments to the associations and councils of national minorities, sparking the protests by Vukovar Serbs who rated such a move illegal.


MADRID, MARCH 25 /SRNA-Reuters/ - In the past 24 hours, Spain confirmed 738 deaths caused by coronavirus, the highest increase in number of death cases since the epidemic hit the country, the Health Ministry said today. /end/vos