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BANJALUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - Head of the Republika Srpska Research Centre of War, War Crimes and Tracing Missing Persons, Milorad Kojić, emphasizes the importance of the Monograph "What did they do wrong", as it contains data and testimonies about the humanitarian catastrophe - death of 12 babies in 1992.


Kojić says that the monograph, published by the Centre last year, contains the testimonies of the mothers of 12 babies who died at the Banjaluka Clinical Centre and other participants in the event.

"First of all, the mothers of the deceased babies spoke about everything they were going through at that time, including those whose life story was not known to the public before," said Kojić.

According to him, the monograph is particularly important because of the authentic testimonies of mothers of deceased babies and other participants in the event, which, according to many, was a kind of "trigger" for the Republika Srpska Army to carry out operation of breaking through the corridor in Posavina.

Kojić says that the death of 12 babies in 1992 is one of the events from the last defensive-patriotic war, to which the Centre is paying special attention.

"Being aware of the importance of one of the most brilliant and important operations carried out by the Republika Srpska Army in the past war, we are particularly proud of the fact that the Centre, in a way, contributed to the preparations for making a documentary-feature film about the corridor breakthrough, co-produced by the Radio-Television of Serbia and Radio-Television of Republika Srpska", stated Kojić. /end/vos