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FOČA, MAY 24 /SRNA/ - A memorial service was held today, in Gornja Jošanica near Foča, for 73 Serbs` locals who killed in the last civil war, 56 of whom were brutally killed by the Muslim army from Goražde on Saint Nicholas Day, December 19, 1992.


The anniversary of the most massive suffering of Serbs` civilians in the area of Gornje Podrinje in the last war is marked in May, when Summer Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated, and this year on the day of Saints Cyril and Methodius, to whom the newly built church of the martyrs of Jošanica is dedicated.

On Saint Nicholas Day in 1992, the day they were supposed to break the Slava bread, 56 locals from ten villages in Jošanica were killed by torture and amputation of body parts, including several elderly people, 21 women and three children - two-year-old Danka Tanović, Dragana Višnjić, ten years old and her three-years younger brother Dražen.

The inhabitants of Jošanica who survived, their relatives and friends sent a message once again that this horrible suffering will never be forgotten, but also that the demand that criminals be punished will never be given up.

Dušanka Lalović, maiden name Višnjić, is one of the few survivors from the Višnjić family in which 16 members died. Her expectations are that all the perpetrators of this terrible crime in Jošanica will finally be held accountable for the crime.

The president of the Veterans' Organization of Foča Srdjan Stanković emphasized that it has long been known who the principals and executors of the crimes in Jošanica are.

"It is also known who exactly killed who, individually, but the locals who know these people say that they are walking around Foča as well. That is a great failure of the Prosecutor's Office that is not doing anything", said Stanković.

The mayor of the municipality Radisav Mašić emphasized that criminals must be punished because of the future of all who live in BiH.

In December last year, the Prosecutor's Office of BiH replied to SRNA that the "Jošanica" case was pending in the Special Department for War Crimes of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH.

"Numerous investigative activities have been conducted, many witnesses have been heard, but there are still many activities remained to be done. The case investigation continues", spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office of BiH Boris Grubešić said SRNA. /end/bo