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BANJALUKA, SEPTEMBER 24 /SRNA/ - Constitutional Law Professor Siniša Karan has told SRNA that the new BiH Constitutional Court's decision defining that certain provisions of the Law on Republika Srpska Forests, i.e. the provisions which read that the forests in Srpska are owned by it, are not in accordance with the BiH Constitution, is certainly political and represents a continuation of creating the atmosphere of the beginning of the end of the state union of BiH.


Karan reminds that the Constitution of BiH, i.e. Annex Four of the Dayton Peace Agreement, is clear in the part in which it enumerates the competencies of the BiH joint bodies and states that all other competencies belong to the entities, and that the property is not listed as the competence of joint institutions, and that the Dayton Accords provide for that the property belongs to the entities in whose territory it is located.

"Also, the agreement on the succession of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia provides for the distribution between the legal successors of the former SFRY, and does not enter the area of ownership of divided property between different levels of government within the successor states," Karan said.

He emphasized that the Constitutional Court of BiH, with this decision, continues to make its own decisions, such as the decision related to the Law on Agricultural Land, then the decision concerning the concession of the Hydro Power Plant "Buk Bijela", trying by all means to confiscate property from Republika Srpska and transfer it to the level of BiH, i.e. working in favor of creating a unitary BiH and abolish Republika Srpska.

Professor Karan reiterates that BiH does not have its own property.

He points out that the Constitutional Court of BiH, instead of preserving the Constitution of BiH, again put itself in the role of a court that violates the Constitution of BiH, depriving the entity of constitutional rights and, in the end, destroys the state union whose Constitution it should protect.

"Republika Srpska and the citizens of Republika Srpska do not intend to give up in the fight for the preservation of Republika Srpska, so we can interpret this decision only as a decision that will contribute to creating even stronger unity and the Serb people's intent react to such political decisions with all available legal instruments in order to preserve the interests of Republika Srpska," Karan said. /end/vos