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BANJALUKA, SEPTEMBER 24 /SRNA/ - The website of the Independent International Commission investigating the suffering of all nations in the Srebrenica Region between 1992 and 1995, on which this Commission’s Report was published, has been targeted by hackers last night.


The Commission officially addressed on its Twitter account, informing the public that delays in access to the page are possible due to these attacks.

The hacker attacks were aimed at accessing the site's administration, as well as at attempted random reporting with incorrect data, the announcement reads.

In just over two hours, 54 hacker attacks were registered, mostly from fake addresses, mostly from Egypt and Afghanistan.

The website of the Commission for Sarajevo was previously exposed to attacks, but in the latter case, it is a far more organized and well-synchronized attempt to demolish the site, announced the Commission.

The Commission points out that this is not a way for "someone to fight against the established and clear facts, which were published in the Report". /end/vos