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BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 21 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has pointed out that the US Embassy in Sarajevo is the epicenter of instability in BiH, which is seen in its attitude towards Christian Schmidt, who is a private person in BiH, and not the high representative according to Annex 10.


Dodik told Srna that it would be good for everyone in BiH if the US Embassy in Sarajevo would stop threatening and lecturing about the constitutionality and violations of the Dayton Accords.

“Their threats are, in Balkan vocabulary, bullying. During the whole time of their activities, they supported Muslim projects in BiH, falsely representing themselves as though they are making a ‘functional state,’ while in essence they work for Muslims and support the making of their Muslim state,” Dodik said.

According to him, their stories are just more proof that they are in fact the Constitutional Court of BiH, together with those who massively, persistently and cynically violated the Dayton Accords while constantly threatening with force and sanctions. /end/sg