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BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 22 /SRNA/ - SNSD leader Milorad Dodik has told Srna that reactions from opposition politicians in Srpska to the announced restoration of jurisdictions to Srpska show that neither the SDS nor the PDP wants the genuine Dayton Accords to be respected in BiH.


“Out of personal conformity, but also as part of the drive to intimidate Serbs and Republika Srpska, Mladen Ivanić and Mirko Šarović are behaving like political analysts who convey Bosniak and international views to the citizens of Republika Srpska, but we can never hear the views of the SDS and PDP about whether we will allow them to seize all our competencies, to take our forests and agricultural land and water, and the anthem and the flag and the air. If we should not allow that, then let them state their parties' position on how we will fight for our constitutionally guaranteed rights,” Dodik pointed out.

When asked to comment on the views expressed by Ivanić and Šarović regarding the restoration of jurisdictions to Srpska, the president of the SNSD said that, unfortunately, the vocabulary and arguments of both Ivanić and Šarović do not differ from the SDA's arguments, so it is clear whose race the two veterans of politics in Republika Srpska are running.

"Republika Srpska does not ask for anything that does not belong to it according to the Constitution, does not dispute anything that belongs to BiH according to the Constitution, and will fight for its rights exclusively by political and legal means. We would like to ask all those who tell us these days that we do not have a right to get out of these unconstitutional arrangements this way because it is not according to the law if they seized our competencies 'by law' and if they did, let them tell us which legal document they were guided by, "Dodik emphasized.

When it comes to those from the opposition who talk about sanctions against politicians, but also about other people in Republika Srpska and talk about them as if they are participating in the creation of lists, Dodik said that they should not underestimate the people in Republika Srpska, nor the old biblical saying - "there is nothing secret that will not be disclosed"! /end/sg